By Kenneth Stepp


Two people lost at sea. Both tired of being lost. Both tired of living life at sea. I have written at least once before about one of my favorite musicals, Fiddler On The Roof. The main characters were the product of an arranged marriage many years before. Now, with their kids grown and many years behind them. He asks her… Do you love me? Her answer is always how she has shown him love with stating she loved him. It’s a touching song. In their case. Love grew where it was planted. Does love work this way? It’s my opinion that it just might. Love can do many things. And often does.


In the singles area, the majority of us will remain alone but continue the search till we are too spent to enjoy meeting new people. So. What would happen if two like minded people meet, get along well, and decide to simply do life together? I know this is a far fetched idea and feels weird to some. But it might just work. Before you disagree strongly. Think about it. Two people living in the same home with separate rooms. They share meals, go to movies, museums, etc together. They can share a couch and a movie at home. Not a bad life at all, really. If nothing grew out of this it is still nice. Is this the tender love we all hoped would find us? Of course not. But wonderful things grow when the roots are deep enough. What grows these kind of roots? Time…


One does not fall in love; one grows into love, and love grows in him.

  • Karl A. Menninger


I am writing about an unconventional relationship. I know this. Trust me. But would it work? I believe it has a better chance of working than the things I’ve tried before. The standard way that most of us chase the dream. We’re still chasing it too. For me, I get along with pretty much anyone. So the thought of having what will no doubt become my best friend, under roof is appealing in several ways.I’m big at doing things impromptu. Wake up and say, let’s explore Atlanta today. Or go to the lake. It snowed last night. Let’s have a fire and some hot chocolatte. You get it, right?


I feel like many of my friends and readers will think this is a terrible idea. What if it’s a temporary way to do life? To enjoy life for a time? We would build an amazing forever friendship. I had a roommate once. We lived together for six months. It was incredible. And today I have a friend I care deeply for. We still get together as often as we can. Nothing but wonderful memories there. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It was one of the best times in my singles journey. Were there deeper feelings. Of course. And that’s ok.


“If I began to draw

myself away from you


we’d still be like

two mixed colors of paint

impossible to separate.”

Sanober Khan
I love this quote because it speaks to what happens when two people share any part of themselves. They become something because their feelings mixed like the paint in the quote. We change who we touch in this way. We become part of one another forever. What part is up to us. Enjoy the ride my friends.