This is the time of year we make resolutions, wishes and we reflect.  Like probably most of you, I have had a roller-coaster year.  Many positives, and many negatives.  But, life goes on, and “this too shall pass”.

I wonder how many of you make resolutions and actually keep them.  Personally, this tradition is not one I participate in.  What I do, though, is reflect on the past year.  Seeing family grow and change, friendships grow and change, and becoming more appreciative every day.

My wish is for a peaceful world and a peaceful life.  There is no time to waste on bickering, arguing, and holding grudges.  Life is but a vapor, and we should treat it as such.  So if you make resolutions, choose to love, be thankful, and compassionate.  Everything else will turn to dust, but these things are eternal.

Have a lovely 2018.  This is the slogan for the year.  2018 is going to be amazing!




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