By Kenneth Stepp


Knocked down? Strange title, I know. I’ll try to unwrap that and make sense out of why I used this title. As a fighter, I have been knocked down and I have knocked a few down myself. When you are on the mat there are two choices to make. Stay down or find the energy to get back up. I can tell you. It’s a harder decision than you might think. One, because you are on the mat for a reason. He is either stronger, faster, or for a moment, had more fight than you did. Not an easy decision at all. Most who get back up, find themselves in a position to make that decision again. The second time makes the decision easier.


“You learn more from getting your butt kicked than getting it kissed.”

Tom Hanks


Recently I have felt knocked down, and as usual, I write about it. As we age in life, our body seems to give up a little bit at a time. As a man that spent his life training, bodybuilding, and strength building. I have always enjoyed being “strong like a bull”. My ex wife coined that phrase about me. Nothing could ever hurt me. I was once in a coma. They said I wouldn’t come out of it. I was told many years ago that I’d be dead within three weeks by a doctor in Florida. More recently, 2004, I was told I needed to be in the hospital for tests because my lab work I had for a life insurance policy came back very ugly. Well. I did wake up, I did not die, and I passed on being admitted to the hospital. Like I said. Nothing could hurt me. Today, I no longer feel like Superman…


“You can hide things from the world, but you can never hide things from time.”

Kim Dong Hwa


Father Time. I really don’t like that guy. But he’s a factor. Moreso as time and aging moves forward. I suppose I’m having an old man moment. I work mostly from home. This gives me too much thinking time. Today I am remembering my communication history. I remember living with a beeper. Every time it beeped, I was looking for a pay phone. Wow… A payphone. Many today has never even seen one. I had a bag phone, then the brick phone. I thought that was so high tech. Can you imagine how we will be communicating ten years from now? Whatever we are using would look space age today. And we probably couldn’t recognise it if we saw it now.


“What I like best about cell phones is that I can talk to myself in the car now and nobody thinks it’s weird.”

Ron Brackin

With age comes reflection. Things I knew I would achieve but didn’t. The most glaring is that I would never have thought I’d still be single. I thought I would be doing life with my soulmate and loving every minute of it. Well. Most minutes anyway. No one is perfect, right? That is my biggest miss. The target I saw so clearly a few years ago. No seems pixilated and distant. I hope that changes one day. If you are single and above thirty five years old. You may know what I am talking about. Relaxing within the confines of a committed relationship sounds wonderful to me. My single friends I speak with feel the same way. Perhaps I need to reflect less and better myself more. Yep. I’ll work on that…