By Kenneth Stepp


So, what does fringe science and finding real love have to do with one another? This will be fun and confusing to unwrap. My friends who know me well know that I study many hours every week. I’m a knowledge junkie. My favorite thing to study in science. Mostly fringe science. Some of the most brilliant minds on the planet actually agree on many things not in mainstream science. They insist there are conspiracies to keep what most believe or the status quo going. They call this knowledge filtration. The most egregious I have seen is in archaeology. I’m not talking about that today.


Physics. I love studying about physics. Many theoretical physicists world wide believe there are many of us. No, not many people. Although there is that. Many believe there are many of me. Many of you. All of us. They believe that there are unlimited dimensions. And in these dimensions there are many of me, or us. They also believe if I make decision in one moment of time, that I make different decisions in others. Some believe that if there is one decision made in a specific dimension that that one could lead to a very different life. One where you made a decision that changed your life in a way that God actually meant it to be. Yes. Many scientists are believers in God. Most study science on a quantum level and realize God has a hand in everything. Man has free will, but somewhere in the multiverse makes perfect decisions. This brings me to my “what if?”


Many believe that there are times when these dimensions interfere with one another. Because something more important than universal balance comes into play. A force more powerful than time and space. I can only think of one thing this important or this powerful. Unconditional love. I say it all the time. Loving someone unconditionally is the only God like trait we can achieve this side of eternity. I believe it is hard wired in us to search unconditional love out. To desire it at all cost and all risk. I believe God put that in our core. Our spiritual DNA. Even Atheists feel this. What we think or believe has little to do with what is of God and how we were created. So where am I going with all this mental soup? Love finds a way.


What if? I’ve said that more often than I can count. In this case. What if many years ago God had my forever love chosen for me and me for her. What if I chose poorly? What if in a dimensional leap love found us and put us back together? It would be awkward and difficult to understand. Maybe impossible. What if love created a scenario that gave me, us another chance at forever? What if all of this happened? God moved our section of the universe, not to make us happen. But to give us one last chance to becoming one with the very person He knew was perfect. The perfect couple. God’s couple. As the struggle with what’s next, if anything continues. We face a wall. This cannot be true…. I disagree. And I believe some big brains disagree too. We know a fraction of what is to be known. Just four years ago I would have placed this theory in the hogwash pile. Today. After learning more about the power of real unconditional love. I know it isn’t hogwash. I place it on the bigger shelf in my brain. The one with the label, “What if.” I love beautiful thoughts about love. I dwell on them often. I’m sure that makes me seem silly or maybe a bit of a madman. Love does that. Unconditional love will always come around again. It’s too powerful not to. Is my theory of how it comes real? I guess time will tell. The next time you wonder where your forever love is or if they exist at all. Think about these two words. What if?



Not until I felt your sunshine,

Did I realize that I had been in the shade.

Not until I saw all your colors,

Did I realize that mine had faded.

Not until I heard your dreams,

Did I realize that I was still sleeping.

And not until I experienced my life with you,

Did I realize that I was barely


Suzy Kassem
Am I a bit of a science nerd? Am I a hopeless romantic? I’m probably be guilty of both. Let them see your heart. Expose your innermost thoughts. They may seem weird to them. But they may see something they have looked for their entire life. We’re all weird. But remember. We are all originals.