First of all you people get in office as senators and representative, and you retire there making outrageous salaries.  Instead of keeping your political promises, you get fat and complacent. You don’t even use the ObamaCare insurance, and you all are so out of touch with we the people that you are supposed to represent. You cannot get past your political differences.. I looked into Obama care…5000 deductible? Really? I do not make enough money to get help paying for it.  As a matter of fact, my yearly income is only 15,000.  Do the math.  That is your Obamacare..the only ones getting help from it is the insurance companies. You are so busy squabbling amongst yourselves that you all have forgotten what America is about. You have forgotten We The People..You ride around in Limosines, while our veterans, the ones who have fought for your freedoms, are living in the streets, homeless.. And our active military, the ones that defend our country are not getting paid because you all cannot work together for the betterment of this country. Now,  instead of working to fix the situation, you are putting your Democratic spin on it to blame our president, Donald Trump, who we the people voted into office. Grow up, work together and do your job to run this government.

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